In English:  Interview: Paul Roland

The Gentleman of the Dark

His music arouses visions of dusky alleyways, faintly illuminated by flickering gaslight lanterns, with uncanny shapes lurking in the shadows ...
Fearless Thomas Fröhlich interviewed the Godfather of Neo Folk. mehr

05.01.2011 : 07.00

In English:  Interview: Andrew van den Houten

Dutch blood, American guts, and Hippie shirts

Andrew van den Houten is a movie director and resident mastermind at the american low budget film production company Modernciné. While conversing with Thomas Fröhlich, he divulges much about Horror Movies, hate mail, hungry children and Hippie T-shirts of dutch origin. Here is the unvarnished, unabridged truth.  mehr

20.03.2010 : 11.00

In English:  Vienna noir

Dark Vienna

While the Austrian Film Museum is vacationing in sunny Italy, the Filmarchiv Austria is offering a shady alternative: a journey into a dark Vienna, home of spies, killers, disreputable barmaids, psychotic perverts, Nazi loyalists and taxi drivers with no passports. Thomas Fröhlich travels in time from the year 1949 to 1974 and encounters some seedy characters. mehr

15.06.2009 : 07.00

In English:  Movie Review: Watchmen

Vigilante Blues

The pressure to succeed was enormous, as were the expectations: Zack Snyder dared try his hand on comic fandom's holy grail - and his attempt manages to capture the complexity and atmosphere of the original in moving pictures. mehr

02.03.2009 : 12.00

In English:  DVD-Special: Vietnam movies

You're in the Army now!

In "Tropic Thunder", director Ben Stiller sends three wimpy Hollywood actors to vietnam. EVOLVER tells you which memorable genre characters we'd most likely take along on patrol - and which ones would stay home. Lock and load! mehr

16.02.2009 : 12.00

In English:  Movie Review: Dead in 3 Days 2

Desperately seeking Mona

The first one managed to become Austria's most successful film of 2006. Now the sequel sees slasher heroine Nina venture into the Tyrolean snowdrifts. Unfortunately, that leaves us viewers somewhat frosty. mehr

26.01.2009 : 08.00

In English:  Interview Sabrina Reiter

Bloody Snowdrifts

Andreas Prochaska's "Dead in 3 Days" was not only a good horror movie, but also the most successful Austrian film of 2006. Recently, the sequel was released ... EVOLVER met leading lady Sabrina Reiter and spoke to her about this installment, her beginnings as an actress and her favourite horror movies. mehr

23.01.2009 : 08.00

In English:  Book review: Al Ewing - I, Zombie

The deader the better

A new series of paperback originals called "Tomes of the Dead" combines flesh-eating zombie fun with other genres - such as historical novels, British gangster melodrama and hardboiled private eye adventures ... Let´s start watching the zombie detective! mehr

10.11.2008 : 09.00

In English:  Feature: Andrax


Imagine for a minute you're a decathlete, an olympic medalist, and a very eligible bachelor - and all you really want is a good night's sleep. When you wake up, however, you realize you've overslept by 2000 years. And the future ain't necessarily so bright you gotta wear shades. In this reissue of one of the most exceptional comic book series of the 70s we encounter a whole bunch of monsters, vampires, aliens and seductive women ... mehr

22.10.2008 : 12.00

In English:  Interview Guillermo del Toro

"Fat, catholic and repressed"

With the gigantic "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" in his pocket, Guillermo del Toro is ready for his biggest challenge so far: the two-part "Lord Of The Rings" prequel called "The Hobbit". Read how EVOLVER met one of its favourite directors ever - for an exclusive interview. mehr

13.10.2008 : 07.00